Strategic Rationale

Global Opportunity

On a 3- 5- and 10 year basis the biotechnology and healthcare (life sciences) sector has become one of the most successful sectors globally – generating superior returns to many other sectors. The evolution of technology within the healthcare sector has transformed the sector globally into a multi-trillion dollar industry and revolutionized the benefits for both the patients and payers (governments and insurance companies).

Our mission is to improve global health solutions, we seek:

  • Predictive, preventive, precision, personalised medicine and therapies.
  • Reduced burden of scarcity, with improved usage and reduced wastage.
  • Targeted therapies moving from treatments to cures.

The ideas we work on aim to:

Help people create the future of healthcare

Provide innovation with a purpose - using the creativity of people to solve problems that cannot be solved using existing technologies. Real problems that once resolved change lives for the better

Bring excellence and expertise - we specialise in the small details that form stock selection our know how is in de-constructing science and technology separating fiction from fact to develop successful businesses

Develop learning and know how - improve the knowledge and skills we use daily, seek to understand the roles, needs and interactions of others and harness the strengths of a wider interconnected team to learn more and share more.

Build trust and responsibility - we have the integrity to do the right thing, the reliability to do it brilliantly and the belief in people to make great things happen.

Together, we will change the world

The life sciences industry has the potential to shift the paradigm to a broader eco-system approach to achieve better patient outcomes.

Deep permanent investment is needed for a future that is sufficiently diversified to withstand unexpected shocks and has the bandwidth to make this big business

A transformative decade ahead for life science companies.