Corporate Broking & Advisory

We support our clients through fundraising activities, accessing a diverse range of public and private market pools of capital. We assist with optimising capital structure, MBO’s, MBI’s, structuring deals and understanding special situations, divestments, off market trades, mergers and acquisitions, other complex special situations that require transactional expertise. Our capital markets distribution is enhanced with our ability to navigate syndicated securities placements.

Access to capital is typically identified through our research distribution utilising large financial data distributors such as the Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters) platform. We are able to place securities with counter-parties primarily focussed on the equities capital markets, but also debt, and bond markets. We actively seek non-dilutive funding, and where required structured products.

Relationships with management and C-level executives has been built over the last 20+ years working in industry. Such strong relationships include pharma, biotech and medtech company executives. Almost all the relationships have been built as a result of funding requirements or licensing deals and corporate development always through creating value for fund managers that come from institutional, pension funds, asset managers, corporates, industrials, and specialists.

The stage and position of typical clients with disruptive technology projects, means that it is often private sources of capital that offer funding - but sometimes at risk of value dissipation. We seek to support companies with capital markets access needs, through our extensive distribution network in equity capital markets including institutional, family offices, pension funds, insurance firms, but with a view to value accretion and growth built through diverse capabilities leading to greater success for our corporate clients.