TLSD team operates with cross functional expertise to drive corporate success. Aligning closely with stakeholders across the entire life sciences eco-system and value chain. The team conduct scientific due diligence and publish analyst research, engaging with financial markets (public and private) for access to capital and price discovery in a strong evidence-based approach.

We work with clients to structure deals as well as strategically plan mergers & acquisitions, commercialisation through to industry access. Enabling corporate growth, divestments and or co-creation of ideas. Which can involve repurposing, reverse innovation, reprofiling or developing unique ideas or novel strategies where we can create value and generate accretive options for our corporate and fund clients.

Given our preferred hands on approach, we base our business model on the rationale of six degrees, leveraging our capabilities, utilising the global interconnected world we now live in, to easily reach out within regulatory constraints and without geographical limitations - from the Earths meridian and the heart of London’s medical corridor, we have a network that gives us maximum capabilities with minimal effort to seek and find the best global highly disruptive technologies that fit with 21st Century ideas


Alia Minhas MBA ACSI

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Minhas is Director and co-founder of The Life Sciences Division an Investment bank. Alia worked as a buy side equity analyst and associate director in the biotech sector at Mulier Capital, an Investment bank and Investment management firm that specialised in gene therapies.

Prior to establishing and funding a number of life sciences private equity backed businesses, executing on mergers, acquisitions and divestments. Alia’s formative banking career was at Lloyds Banking Group and Scottish Widows Investment Partnership. Mainly working within Wholesale and International Banking.

In her last role at Lloyds, Alia worked within Group Finance as a senior strategy and financial analyst and was involved in a multibillion-pound transformation project. Ms Minhas continues to serve as a Director or Non-executive Director of a number of life science companies.


Dr Navid Malik PhD MSc MBA ACSI

Head of Research and Executive Director

Navid is an award-winning stock picking analyst, (Starmine and Extel Rated) recognized Internationally for his work in the biotech sector.

Navid began his career at Williams de Broe – now part of the ING group, before moving to Collin Stewart, later as a partner at Matrix Corporate capital he won multiple awards in the sector.

Dr Malik headed up a number of smaller mid-cap broking firm healthcare franchises where he focused on marketing deals before co-founding The Life Sciences Division.


Two Starmine Awards: Across Europe for stock picking pharmaceuticals and for healthcare UK & Eire (2011)

Navid has lead some of the largest European IPOs in the biotech sector, successfully floating companies onto the London Stock Exchange AIM market, as well as raising billions of dollars of capital. Dr Malik is an extel rated research analyst and continues to write extensive corporate and detailed thematic research on industry.

Dr Malik continues to serve as a Director or Non-executive Director of a number of life science companies.


Prof. Ashley George PhD FRSC

Head of M&A and Director Research

Ashley works with the team across corporate broking and advisory, with a focus on transactions that are research led ideas for strategic corporate growth, mergers, acquisitions, divestments and co-creation.

Prof George is a visiting lecturer at UCL and serves as treasurer to Pistoia alliance a not for profit organization as well as continues to serve as a Director or Non-executive Director of a number of Life Sciences companies.

Ashley has over 26 years of experience in the life sciences industry most recently as a Global Executive at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and served as Global Head of Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Consumerisation.

Ashley is an award winner of multiple disruptive digital and transformative technologies in the healthcare space including GSK’S MyAsthma digital App obtaining both EU CE - mark and FDA 510k approval.


Resitha Airey BSc (Hons) CPE, ABPI

Director Corporate Advisory

Ms Airey has a clear focus on corporate clients. Corporate advisory and value accretion through evidence-based medicine, real world outcomes, commercialisation and industry market access.

Resitha is active across various life sciences industry and advisory boards with key opinion leaders, healthcare payors, and patient advocacy groups.

Resitha has over 26 years of experience working in large pharma, most recently within the Novartis Group, at Alcon as Scientific Operations Executive leading the global ophthalmology real world outcomes study on 500,000 patients.

Ms Airey began her career at MSD (Merck, Sharpe and Dohme), then moved to Pfizer to work within the cardiovascular team on sales of Lipitor into hospitals.

Resitha is an award winner at Novartis and Alcon, most recently for excellence - Communiqué redefining Lucentis marketing and has won multiple awards for creating and implementing digital technology platforms.

Ms Airey continues to serve as Director or Non-executive Director of a number of life sciences companies.


Prof Dr Ning Qu MD PhD

Medical and Scientific Director

Ning conducts due diligence with the rigor of scientific and clinical methodology but with a translational read across to commercialisation of prospective ideas, reverse innovation and co-creation. Holding a PhD in clinical immunology (Groningen University) and having invested in multiple private companies across Europe, he has a buy side approach with scientific rigour to better appreciate valuation.

As a professor of Translational Medicine Dr Qu has been working on the most demanding cases in Cardiothoracic Surgery and organ transplantations for over twenty two years in the Netherlands where he lives with his family. Dr Qu has both clinical expertise and a deep understanding and knowledge of modern medicine. He is one of the founders of the medical school at Tianjin University, consistently ranked top 15 in China.  Ning has an extensive network of relationships across both China and Europe and serve to support cross border projects.  Dr Qu is currently holding two (visiting) Professor positions in Cardio Thoracic Surgery and Translational Medicine.

Ning founded and currently serves as Chairman of SEMICO a Netherlands based foundation in the Healthy Ageing Campus at University Medical Centre of Groningen. It is established to facilitate Sino-EU medical innovation and cooperation exchange.

Dr Qu continues to serve as a Director or Non-executive Director of a number of life science companies.


Dominic Schiller MBA CPA

General Counsel and Head of Legal, Intellectual Property, and Licensing

Dominic has practiced pharmaceutical and biotech IP law for 30 years and is a Chartered Patent Attorney. Dominic commenced his professional career in private practice, having read Biochemistry and Genetics as an undergraduate. Before joining a life science consultancy where he worked alongside venture capitalists, conducting IP due diligence and managing investee portfolio’s post investment.

Mr Schiller has managed international collaborations, licensing and joint ventures, and technology transfer. Mr Schiller continues to serve as a Director or Non-executive Director of a number of life science companies and deputy compliance officer at TLSD.